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Potential Consequences Of Obamacare

Three ways the Affordable Care Act can affect your finances.

How will Obamacare affect your finances?

The revolutionary healthcare reform may help you dig out of debt

Do you qualify for an offer in compromise?

Renegotiating your tax liability can help with debt.

Pay off back taxes with an installment agreement

Why suffer with mounting tax debt? You can make a plan with the IRS to pay your taxes over time and in a way that fits your budget too.

How Refinancing Can Help Your Taxes Now -- And For Years To Come!

Some closing costs are tax deductible, which means that your refinance can help you save money on your tax returns for many years to come.

Guide to No Cosigner Student Loans

Are you a would-be student who would like to attend college, graduate school, or professional school, but are hesitant because you…

The advantages of using your local credit union to refinance your mortgage

Local credit unions increasingly are popular alternatives to traditional banks. While banks are privately owned,…

Debt Consolidation for Senior Citizens

Few people have more financial choices, yet more opportunities to be overwhelmed by those choices, than senior citizens. Seniors…

What is the Best Loan and Debt Repayment Program?

Incurring debt sometimes is necessary in order to meet one’s financial and personal goals, or to make payments for necessary…

Bad Credit Student Loans for High Risk Students

College costs nowadays are through the roof and are only expected to rise in the future. Most students and/or their parents…

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