DebtHelp Calculators

Last Updated: May 16th, 2007

Below you will find the debt, mortgage, and financial calculators offered through DebtHelp.com. We are always adding more calculators for our customers, so bookmark this page for future visits.

Refinance Calculator
This calculator will help you decide whether or not a refinance will save you enough money to justify refinancing your current mortgage.

Interest Rate Calculator
This calculator will help you compare loans side by side and view the total interest that would be paid on each. This is very useful for comparing home equity, second mortgage, home equity line of credit, and personal loan quotes.

Buyer's Cash Requirements Calculator
Need to know how much cash you will need in order to secure your mortgage? This handy calculator will help you estimate the amount of available cash you will need to acquire your new mortgage.

Pay Off Debt or Invest Your Money
Should you pay off your interest bearing debt or invest the money you have into investments, savings, etc...?

Solution Finder
Solution Finder - Eliminate Your Debt