Credit Counseling Articles

Building an emergency fund when you're in debt-reduction mode

Saving money for the unexpected is a must

A realistic budget that gets you there

You'll know you have created a financial plan you can live with if it stands the test of time.

Budgeting for healthcare expenses

Having a plan to pay for your medical bills helps keep you out of debt

Creating a Healthy Budget

Tracking and directing spending helps you reduce debt

Will Credit Counseling Work for Your Situation?

4 questions to determine if credit counseling is right for you

Finding the best consumer credit counseling service

A good debt management company can help you reach your financial goals more easily. These 5 tips can help you sift through the crowd.

Taking advantage of credit counseling services

Making the most of this debt relief tool helps you dig out of debt

Avoid credit card debt around the holidays

Look for creative, inexpensive ways to celebrate holidays and special occasions that don't involved using credit cards.

What debt management plans can -- and can't -- do

It's easy to find yourself too deep in credit card debt. Credit counseling services can help you consolidate debt, while reducing interest rates and fees to facilitate faster (and cheaper) debt repayment.

FTC files complaint over debt relief firms

The FTC filed a complaint against an individual who allegedly claimed to operate debt relief services affiliated with the federal government.

Your personal debt reduction plan

Even if you have thousands in credit card debt, you can pay it off by following a strict debt reduction plan.

Record low mortgage rates: Are you ready to buy?

With rates for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage nearing 4 percent last week, home loans are more affordable than ever. But there's more you should consider before buying a house.

Credit Counseling and Debt Settlement: Know the Difference
If you're struggling with too much debt, credit counseling or a debt settlement service can help. Both options help in reducing debt using different methods. Requirements and credit consequences can vary according to individual programs.

Debt Management: Seven Steps
A cash based budget and debt management plan can help you retire your credit card debt. Here are some tips for getting started. Debt help is available if you're facing insurmountable financial problems.

Today's Consumers Should Pay Off High Credit Card Balances
A tight credit market and the new consumer credit act could combine to make things tougher for some borrowers. Consumers need to reduce balances to avert trouble or seek credit counseling help.

Not All Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies Are Created Equal
Choosing the right consumer credit counseling agency can make the difference between success and failure when it comes to managing your debt.

Managing Debt: Three Things to Consider Before Paying Off Student Loans
As of 2007, the average amount of student loan debt for undergrads was approximately 20,000. How you address student loan debt can influence your overall success in managing debt.

Credit Card Debt: Avoiding Temptation
You're working hard to improve your credit, but sometimes give in to temptation. Here are five tips for understanding and avoiding overspending.

Credit Card Quicksand: Three Things to Consider Before Transferring Balances
Managing debt by transferring high APR balances to a a credit card with a lower APR can be tempting, but reading the fine print and evaluating your willpower can help in avoiding potential problems.

Seven Things to Consider Before Filing Bankruptcy
Thinking of filing bankruptcy to reduce or eliminate credit card debt? Understanding the potential consequences and alternatives is essential.

Getting Debt Help: Choosing a Credit Counselor
Asking for debt help can be difficult, but credit counseling services can help you get and stay out of debt. Here's how to find a credit counselor.

Managing Debt: How Compulsive Shopping Undermines Your Goals
So you have a shopping problem. Learning the underlying reasons for compulsive shopping can help in managing debt and improving your life.

The ABCs of Credit Repair
Got credit problems? Take your first step toward effective debt management. These tips can help you become pro-active in repairing your credit.

The Threat of Wage Garnishment is an Effective Collection Tool
Many consumers struggling with debt worry about the potential of wage garnishment but rarely understand the process.

Women and Debt: The Price of Playing Now and Paying Later
Has your payday shopping spree extended to every day? If you're buying things you don't need or use, worrying about bad credit, and having problems making ends meet, it's time to start managing debt.

Four Reasons Carrying Cash Will Help You Spend Less Everyday
Carry cash instead of credit cards to help cure your debt problems.

What is 'Credit Consolidation'? Your Guide to Credit Counseling
Credit consolidation, more commonly known as credit counseling, is a process by which counselors help debtors to find debt relief and to plan for their financial futures. Not to be confused with debt…

Credit Counseling v. Debt Consolidation
People often use the terms “debt consolidation” and “credit counseling” interchangeably, but really they are two very…

45 Questions to Ask a Credit Counselor
Below you will find a list of questions compiled by our debt expert Jack Howard for anyone in search of credit counseling services. These questions should be asked…

What to consider when choosing a debt management company
Debt management companies work with clients to help manage, reduce, and ultimately eliminate their debts. A good debt management firm…

What to expect when you use a debt management company
A good debt management company will give your case the individualized attention you deserve, analyzing every detail of your…

When is the right time to contact a debt management company?
Contrary to what most bankruptcy attorneys will tell you, filing bankruptcy is almost never the best answer. Bankruptcy leaves a serious…

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