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Potential Consequences Of Obamacare

Three ways the Affordable Care Act can affect your finances.

How will Obamacare affect your finances?

The revolutionary healthcare reform may help you dig out of debt

Do you qualify for an offer in compromise?

Renegotiating your tax liability can help with debt.

Pay off back taxes with an installment agreement

Why suffer with mounting tax debt? You can make a plan with the IRS to pay your taxes over time and in a way that fits your budget too.

How Refinancing Can Help Your Taxes Now -- And For Years To Come!

Some closing costs are tax deductible, which means that your refinance can help you save money on your tax returns for many years to come.

A CPA Spills: The 10 Biggest Tax Mistakes That I see

5 common tax mistakes that the IRS will catch

A lot of people trigger tax debt -- and the wrath of the IRS -- with these five mistakes. Know the common causes of tax debt and how to avoid them.

4 scams that lead to tax debt

Heard about the latest "tax tricks" that can "save you thousands"? Be careful. Getting caught up in tax scams is likely to leave you saddled with tax debt. Here's how to spot a tax scam.

Five Personal Problems You Should Mention In an IRS Audit
When working with the IRS to solve a tax debt problem, it's no use claiming "the dog ate my homework." However, certain personal situations do deserve mention.

How to Solve Tax Debt Created by a Spouse or Ex-Spouse
Did your spouse or ex-spouse leave you with a tax debt problem, as well as a broken heart? Regarding the tax debt problem, you may have options. Here are two.

Tax Debt and Bankruptcy: Five Things to Keep In Mind
You cannot automatically get rid of a tax debt through filing bankruptcy. However, you can take certain measures to ensure that bankruptcy helps you get your tax debt problem under control. Here are five things to keep in mind with regard to bankruptcy and taxes.

Top Five Tips for Handling an IRS Audit
Handling an IRS audit isn't easy, especially when a significant tax debt is in question. Here are five suggestions for dealing with an IRS audit.

Should You Hire a Tax Debt Attorney? Three Ways to Decide
Attorneys can be expensive, and tax debt attorneys are no exception. Before hiring a tax debt attorney to handle your case, look for these three signs that you may really need one.

Two Tips for Working With a Tax Debt Relief Professional
Hiring a tax debt help pro to help you with your tax debt problem should not entail simply forking over the fee and the paperwork and figuring everything will get taken care of. Rather, work directly with the tax debt pro using these two powerful suggestions.

IRS Ends Contract With Private Debt Collectors
Since 2006, the IRS has worked with private debt collection companies to pursue tax debt. This program was recently ended. Here is a short explanation of what that may mean if you need tax debt relief.

Top Five Ways to Stop Hating the Month of April
It's April again, and for many Americans, that means that their tax debt is about to get bigger, as it does every year. This is problematic, because interest and penalties pile up quickly. Here are five ideas on how to combat this troublesome dynamic.

IRS Form 982: Avoiding Tax on Debt Relief
Those with mortgage problems may qualify for tax relief on their mortgage debt forgiveness. Here's how.

The IRS and Your Tax Debt: Who Pays and Who Gets Away?
Will the IRS go easy on you or let you have it with both barrels if you owe back taxes? It depends.

Five Clear Steps to Fixing Tax Debt Problems
Taking concrete, orderly action is the best way to fix tax debt problems.

Tax Penalty Abatement: Use Proper Form on the Proper Forms
Tax penalty abatement is possible if you (or your tax relief professional) file the right forms and there is a good reason to back up your request.

Business Tax Debt Help: Time to Call in a Professional?
When seeking business tax debt relief, realize why you owe so much, and consider amending past returns and working with a tax debt help professional.

Proposing an IRS Installment Agreement: How and How Much
When proposing an Installment Agreement to pay your IRS tax debt, maximize your chances of acceptance by following certain guidelines.

Self-Employment: Taxing Your Profits, Taxing Your Patience
Navigating Self-employment Taxes

Mistakes Can Make Your Tax Bill Hurt Even More
Employee Status Changes How Much You Owe in Taxes

Calculating how much you owe in taxes as an independent contractor
Don't Incur Extra Tax Debt When Filing as an Independent Contractor

Calculating how much you owe in taxes from unemployment benefits
Unemployment Benefits are Considered Taxable Income

Trouble understanding the tax terms?
Here's what the tax guy are really trying to say. Learn what those tax terms really mean.

What to do when faced with wage garnishment
Is the IRS garnishing your check? Here's what you need to know when you owe back taxes

IRS Home Seizure: Can the IRS Take My House for Tax Debt
What to know when asking can the IRS take my house. If you have tax debt hanging over your head, learn the truth about IRS home seizure.

Tax Preparer: Choose a Certified Public Accountant, Enrolled Agent, or Tax Attorney
Finding the right preparer for your taxes can be a challenge. Get a certified public accountant, enrolled agent, or a tax attorney to save you from grief later.

What Rights You Have When Dealing with the IRS
Get the information you need to successfully deals with the IRS

What to Do If under IRS Seizures, Tax Levies, or Liens
When you're under an IRS seizure, tax levy, or lien, there is help available. Find out how to file a collection appeal and get the man off your back.

What to do if you can't pay your taxes
Now that you filled it turns out you owe, but what if you can't pay?

How to find the right Tax Attorney
Finding the right tax professional can be hard work. Here are a few tips to help you get the right lawyer to fight the IRS.

Innocent Spouse: What to Do When Filing a Joint Tax Return Goes Bad
What do you do if your spouse wasn't honest when filing a joint tax return? Find out how you can claim innocent spouse to place the debt where it should be and get tax relief when filing jointly.

Fight the IRS with a Tax Lawyer
Here are some tips to help you pick the right person to fight the IRS and settle you tax debt.

Five Bankruptcy and Tax Myths
Find out what you didn't know about bankruptcy and your taxes. Get the truth about five common myths regarding your tax debt and bankruptcy proceedings.

Tax Laws: Changes Affect Tax Credits and Relief
Yearly changes in the IRS tax codes directly affect your tax relief options.

Getting Help to Settle Your Tax Debt
You’ve filed your returns and find you owe the IRS money. Now what do you do? Many companies…

Getting Ready to File Your Taxes
When it comes to your taxes, earlier is better. File early, get your return earlier. Of course, if you owe money,…

If You Haven't Filed Yet, Here Is What You Need To Know
What are the consequences if I haven’t filed a return in years and decide to file returns for all those years? This is a good news/bad news…

Some Changes to 2007 Tax Laws
Charitable contributions To receive a deduction for charitable contributions, you must have a record of any cash contributions you made to a charity in 2007. The record could be a canceled…

What If I Don't File My Taxes? "Nonfilers"
The IRS has a special name for people who don’t file tax returns: Nonfilers. To file or not to file, this…

I got an extension to pay my taxes, Now what do I do?
About 9 million U.S. taxpayers filed Form 4868, the Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File, back in April. Those of you who…

I got an extension to pay my taxes. Now what do I do? - Part 2
This is Part 2 of our tax extension article. If you are one of those U.S. taxpayers who owe money, but…

Tax Filing Deadlines - Reprieve Deadline October 15th - Avoid Paying Interest and Penalties
For those of you who are tax filing procrastinators, the IRS has some good news and some bad news for you. The bad news is that, for most…

Income Tax Refund Loans
Suppose you are expecting a nice income tax refund in the not-so-distant future, but what you really need is a bit of extra cash right now. If you really cannot wait for…

Loans for Tax Debt
If you owe back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), then you should have but one goal in mind: to get yourself out of debt…

IRS Private Debt Collection Program
If you owe back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you might be surprised to find you are being contacted by a representative from a private debt collection agency to try to collect your debt. Set into action in September…

Common 'IRS' Scams
The essential goal for all scammers trying to procure money from unknowing victims is to establish some sort of trust. Usually this is done by identifying…

IRS Wage Garnishment
If you fail to pay your federal taxes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a variety of methods that it utilizes to obtain due money – none of which will be better for financial situation that paying outright. One of the most debilitating…

IRS and Penalty Abatement
Penalty abatement gives you the opportunity to plead your case to the IRS. Unlike most other claims for…

IRS Offer in Compromise
Many lawyers specialize in IRS negotiation strategies. A competent lawyer (sometimes a former IRS agent him- or herself) can turn a $50,000 debt into $8840, $105,000…

IRS Payment Plans
The Internal Revenue Service ranks consistently as the most feared agency in the federal government. This probably explains why people…

IRS Powers to Collect Debt
In 1988, real estate tycoon Leona Helmsley faced a prison term for defrauding the U.S. government of $1 million in…

IRS Spousal Tax Relief
It is not necessary that a couple be divorced for a spouse to seek tax relief. There are actually three different…

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