Student Loans Articles

Government versus private student loans

Comparing the pros and cons can help you make the right decision about funding your education.

The Sorry State of Student-Loan Debt

Understanding current interest rates can help you avoid taking on excessive debt

Do you qualify for a student loan discharge?

Release from obligation to repay your student loans helps you dig out of debt.

Make the most of your student loan deferment period

Redirect monthly loan payments to pay off debt

Choose Your Ideal Student Loan Repayment Plan

If you are struggling to repay your student loans, consider how changing your student loan repayment period could help you get out of debt sooner.

Take advantage of a student loan forbearance

Postponing your student loan payments can help you get a handle on your debt

Smart budgeting can mean fewer student loans

Setting up and following a budget while you are in school may mean that you don't have to graduate with so much student loan debt. Check out these smart budgeting tips to save a bundle later.

Education Loan Changes Effective July 1, 2009
A number of changes to student loan interest rates, origination fees, and repayment plans took effect on July 1, 2009. Read on for a summary of the changes.

Applying for a Direct Consolidation Loan: The 9 Steps
If multiple educational loan payments are getting you down, think about applying for a Direct Consolidation Loan. You may be able to cut the multiple-payment stress and, in some cases, even reduce the interest you're paying. Here are nine steps to help you complete an application.

Information on Private Education Loans
Before you rush out and apply for a private education loan, make sure you apply for all other aid, shop around for the best deal, think about how much to borrow, and understand your repayment options. This information may help.

Educational Loan Forgiveness for Public Service
Beginning in 2017, you may be eligible for loan forgiveness on student or parent PLUS loans if you have worked in a public service position and made payments on thel loans for at least 10 years.

What Happens to Your Student Loan if You Are Disabled?
If you are disabled, you may be able to temporarily defer repayment of your student loans or if you are permanently and totally disabled, you may be eligible to have your loans discharged (cancelled).

Educational Loan Forgiveness Programs for Teachers and Other Professionals
In addition to student educational loan forgiveness or cancellation programs available to teachers, here are some programs for those in other careers.

Loan Consolidation Repayment Plans: Are They All the Same?
Things you should know about educational loan consolidation and the different payment plans that are available.

7 Student Loan Consolidation Questions
Before you consolidate your student loans, check out the answers to 7 top loan consolidation questions.

Federal Student Loan Consolidation Can Streamline Education Debt
Leaving college with multiple student loans can cause problems when repayment begins. Record keeping can be complicated and payments overlooked. Federal student loan consolidation provides an opportunity to roll eligible student loans into one loan with one monthly payment.

Student Education Loans: Forbearance, Deferment, or Cancellation
Forbearance, deferment, and cancellation--an explanation of student educational loan repayment terms as well as contact information for more details or application information.

What Kind of Expenses do Student Educational Loans Cover?
Here's a look at legitimate expenses that you can pay with your educational loans.

What's Going on With Education Loans in Today's Economy?
How will the worsening economy affect the availability of educational loans

Educational Loans: Things You Need to Know
If you need funding for school, here are the answers to some basic questions about Perkins Loans and Stafford Loans.

Consolidate My Student Loan: Is it the Answer to Financial Woes?
Manage multiple payments and multiple lenders by consolidating your student loans. Find out how.

Why is the FAFSA so important?
It is that time of year again; when high school seniors across the country complete the daunting task of submitting college applications and waiting anxiously for hopefully welcoming replies. But the applications do not…

Money-Saving Tips for Adult Students
Going to college is an important, expensive, and somewhat anxiety-provoking decision for anyone, but adult students especially…

How to find the Best Private Student Loan
If you aspire to go to college these days, it basically is a necessity in all but the rarest of cases to take out one or more student loans to finance your education. If you are not eligible to receive…

Planning for College: Education IRAs
Formally known as Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESAs)since 2002, Education IRAS are popular investments made on the behalf of a future college student. Along with 529 savings accounts,…

Planning for College: 529 Savings Plans
We all know that college costs already are sky high and that they will continue to climb in the future, but do you know just how much…

32 Tips for Getting the Most out of Financial Aid
Preparing for College1. As part of your college preparations, take the time to become knowledgeable about the various financial aid options that may be available to you. Consider how such options could…

Guide to No Cosigner Student Loans
Are you a would-be student who would like to attend college, graduate school, or professional school, but are hesitant because you…

Bad Credit Student Loans for High Risk Students
College costs nowadays are through the roof and are only expected to rise in the future. Most students and/or their parents…

Federal and Private Student Loan Bankruptcy and Discharge Guide
Student loans are those debts that are taken out for the expressed purpose of funding one’s college education, and they may be either federal…

College Student Loan Consolidation
Upon graduating from college, most students have some type of student loan debt, while many have multiple loans that must be repaid. Whether your loans are federal…

A Bad Mix: Student Loans, Tax Debt, and Debt Collectors
The U.S. government long has used private agencies to collect defaulting student loans, and now tax debt is about to…

Choosing a Strategy to Repay Student Loans
There are several strategies for repaying student loans. No matter which option you choose, the general goal of repayment…

Closing Windows for Consolidating Student Debt?
Within the debthelp.com series of articles on student loans, you will find great advice about maximizing loan benefits and affording college. Personally, I am vitally interested…

College Budget Ideas
Sometimes there is so little money left over after all of the costs of college that students give up the idea of budgeting entirely. However, planning for future…

Dealing With Debt After College
There is an old expression that a fall will not hurt you, just the sudden stop at the end. College graduation is one of…

How It is Possible to Discharge Student Loans in Bankruptcy
As recently as 1998, it was much easier to discharge student loans in bankruptcy than it is today. The law changed that year, representing…

How to Budget Money After College
Getting though college is not easy, so it is no wonder that so many students just borrow as much money as they can with little regard for the consequences. Today, the average amount of…

Important Debt Tips For College
Often, people learn about the cost of college too late – after they have graduated in fact! This is an expensive lesson…

Mortgages for Students In School
Before college graduation, is it practical to buy a home rather than rent? After graduation, what can a…

Student Credit Cards in College
It is very easy to be swept up in following the crowd, no matter who you are. Unfortunately, this principle…

Student Loans for Minorities
Unlike most forms of monetary aid, student loans are based on need. Generally, credit scores and…

Can my wages be garnished if I don't pay my student loans on time?
Student loans are unlike almost any other kind of debt. Since the U.S. government essentially is…

Rising student loan rates - Should you consolidate?
Federal student loans are unique because they are enforced not by a lender, by the United States government. Because they really are more…

What happens to your student loan if you declare bankruptcy?
The federal government established the Student Loan Marketing Association (SLMA) in 1972 to allow more people the ability to go to college.  SLMA, also known as Sallie…

What is the difference between federal student loans and private student loans?
Federal student loans are offered through Sallie Mae (SLMA, the Student Loan Marketing Association) and are sold to investors. Repayment on these loans is…

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