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Is Debt Settlement Your Best Option?

How to determine if negotiating with creditors is right for your financial situation.

Consumers put auto loan payments ahead of credit card debt

Many consumers struggling with money are more likely to pay their auto loan than credit card debt or mortgages, according to a TransUnion analysis.

Reducing debt or building savings?

Even if you are following a debt reduction plan, it is important to try and build emergency savings.

Debt Reduction Eight Steps Toward Success
Debt help is available from credit counseling services, bankruptcy attorneys and debt settlement companies. If you're not ready to seek their assistance, try making debt reduction a family project.

Credit Card Issuers More Flexible When it Comes to Debt Settlement
With more people having trouble meeting their credit card debt, card issuers are more open to debt settlement in installments versus a lump sum.

Getting Debt Help: Five Steps Toward Debt Consolidation
Staying awake at night? Avoiding certain phone calls? If debt is driving you crazy, a debt consolidation plan can help in reducing and managing your debt.

In This Economy, Seniors More Open to Financial Products That Consolidate Debt
In this economic downturn, even older adults are having financial troubles. Options for seniors with high credit card debt include reverse mortgages, debt settlement.

Pros and Cons of Debt Settlement
Make sure you understand the pros and cons of debt settlement before contacting your creditors.

Do Not Overlook Lump Sum Payments in Debt Settlement
To successfully complete the debt settlement process, you need to explore raising as much money as you can as quickly as you can.

Debt Settlement: Not a Quick Fix
Debt Settlement can be an effective way to eliminate debt; however, you will need to determine how long the process will take before choosing this option.

Keeping Credit Available During the Debt Settlement Process
Proper planning can allow a consumer to keep an active credit card during the debt settlement process.

Open Communication Is Important During Debt Settlement
Preventing a debt collector from contacting you may hurt your debt settlement efforts.

Debt Elimination: Too Good To Be True?
Debt elimination options can be very enticing to consumers struggling with debt, however, you need to be on the lookout for scams.

Not All Outstanding Debt is Eligible for Debt Settlement
It is important to understand what type of debt qualifies for a debt settlement program when exploring your debt elimination options.

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