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Do You Need to Trade Your Car for Something Less Expensive?

Created: On December 23, 2008 @ 9:28 pm In

If you’re like me, you’re probably sighing with relief that gas prices have dropped significantly from just a few months ago. But although lower gas prices may mean more money in your pocket, it’s possible that you can cut your vehicle expenses even more.  

If you financed an expensive car and are struggling to make the monthly payments, it may be time to sell it and purchase a more affordable vehicle. Sure, it may seem prestigious to drive a luxury car, but if you can’t afford the monthly payment, you’re only putting more pressure on yourself to maintain a certain lifestyle. And if you’re behind on your car payments, you run the risk that the dealer will repossess your vehicle. 

Many auto dealers would be happy to take your car in a trade in deal since auto sales are in such a slump. Make sure you find out what your vehicle is worth before visiting any auto dealers. You can look up your car’s value at [1] Kelly Blue Book

When you begin shopping around for your new car, look for a vehicle that will give you good gas mileage, won’t require expensive maintenance and repairs, and has a good safety rating. 

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